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Bee honey is a thick, sweet-tasting liquid that is made by bees using rose nectar. What are the health benefits of bee honey?

Bee honey, better known by the term honey, is found in almost every home, and its color and purity vary, and the taste depends on the type of rose whose nectar was used.

What distinguishes bee honey is the high levels of fructose, glucose and monosaccharides, in addition to containing 70-80% of sugar, which is responsible for its sweet taste.

Here are the most important benefits of bee honey and its nutritional value.

Benefits of bee honey

Bee honey has many properties, it is anti-bacterial and antiseptic, in addition to containing nutrients important for human health.

Learn with us about the following health benefits of bee honey:

1. Help treat wounds and burns

Bee honey has been used since ancient times as part of alternative medicine to heal wounds and treat burns.

And in a study published in The Cochrane Library, it was found that honey may be really effective in treating burns and wounds, as well as disinfecting them.

According to the main researcher in the study, honey has been resorted to since ancient times because of its low price.

2. Reducing the duration of diarrhea

It has been found that bee honey helps relieve diarrhea and reduce the duration of the infection as well.

It is also very useful during the period of diarrhea, because it increases the amount of water and potassium intake, which are important for the patient’s body.

3. Reduce the problem of GERD

One of the most important benefits of honey is that it effectively helps reduce the problem of GERD, as it controls the reduction of the leakage of digestive juices from the stomach into the esophagus.

This means that it protects you from developing GERD and the unpleasant symptoms that come with it.

4. Treatment of cold and cough symptoms

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends using honey as a home remedy to treat coughs and colds.

It was also found that honey has an effective role in treating nocturnal cough, thus improving sleep quality during the period of infection.

5. Other benefits of bee honey

In addition to all these benefits, eating bee honey provides you with the following health benefits:

Fight infections.
Good source of energy.
Reduce high levels of body fat.
Promote the health of the digestive system and protect it from various digestive problems.
Maintain oral and dental health.
Beneficial for skin and hair.
Fight bad breath.
Get rid of hiccups.
Nutritional values ​​of bee honey

According to the US Department of Agriculture, 100 grams of honey contains the following:

Calories 167 calories
Fat 6.67 g
Carbs 26.67 g
Sugars 20 g
Dietary fiber 3.3 grams
Sodium 833 mg
honey bee precautions

Although honey is a safe food for most people, here are some potential risks of eating honey:

1. Infant food poisoning

It is necessary not to give honey to children under one year of age, as it may pose a threat to his health.

Where honey contains dust particles that may carry germs of bacteria causing food poisoning, children lack strong immunity.

2. Allergy


People who are prone to allergies should beware of eating honey, as honey allergies are rare, but they can occur.

This may be due to the presence of bee pollen in honey, as bee pollen is a mixture of pollen and digestive enzymes from bees, which can lead to a serious allergic reaction.


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