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Who Are We?

Asal Al-Shifaa Company for Bee Products (Sons of Al-Rutab) to produce and sell all kinds of natural honey and manufacture, sell and import beekeeping equipment.

Asal Al-Shifa Company was established in 1987 with a group of apiaries in various regions of Libya. Branches and marketing centers for their honey and bee products were opened. The company started importing beekeeping equipment and all beekeeping supplies from several international companies such as the Italian Lega Company, German Haman and Turkish Sedaf, as well as importing the finest queens Pollinated honey bees from Australia and Argentina, as well as the company participated in several local and international exhibitions and won several certificates of appreciation and awards, otherwise it is the largest company in the field of bees in Libya

Our Message

Supporting the local production of bee products by providing the best tools and equipment for local bees

Our Mission

Providing high quality bee products from honey of all kinds with high quality to the consumer

Our Goal

Our products currently cover many areas in Libya. We seek to cover the local market's need for honey and supply our products abroad

Our Branches

Tajoura Branch

Bir Al-Osta Milad Road - opposite the power station, mobile branch: 0910008985

Al-Furnaj Branch

Al-Farnaj Island, near Al-Gomhouria Bank, Mobile Phones, Branch: 0915090299, 0910008991

Ben Achour Branch

alzili Street after Al-Ankoudi Mosque Branch Mobile: 0916082831

Tajoura Branch 2

Bivi near the gas station Mobile Branch: 0916555482

Photos From Our Branches

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